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El Paso is the heart of the Canarian island of La Palma, known as La Isla Bonita (“the beautiful island”). It is the heartbeat of a living land, an impulse for your body and mind. It watches over its volcanic origin in the National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente, in the centre of the island. From there, incredible mountains rise that connect with the cleanest sky in the world.

This chain of volcanoes shapes a spectacular summit and one of the most stunning seas you can imagine, the “sea of clouds”, which will allow you to swim among mountains, albeit only with your eyes.

El Paso is a crossing point for roads and experiences. A portal that takes you to the origin through silent volcanoes, of aboriginal sites that talk, or imposing starry skies that listen.

It is a paradise for nature lovers, hiking, trail running or mountain biking. And only ten minutes away from spectacular beaches. El Paso is the past inviting you to walk towards a sustainable and pioneering future, open to the rest of the world.

A safe destination in the face of COVID-19

Rural tourism

Stay at a beautiful rural house where you will have intimacy and space, and you will enjoy a privileged natural environment.


The municipality is extensive, and the population is scattered. Therefore, keeping the recommended spacing is easy.


Hundreds of kilometres of trails to explore and an imposing secluded national park await you in El Paso.


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